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Directory of the Internet
Weird and Wild Lawsuits


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Law & References

US Law Research
U.S. Tax Code
Federal Estate Tax: IRS site
IRS Main website - Freedom & News
Constitutional Society
Daily News Articles - References
United Nations & Goals
View, Contact, & Grade your Government Officials
Directory of the Internet
General Forms

Constitution of the United States

US History & Law & References

US Articles Of Confederation

US Declaration Of Independence - TEXT
IMAGES: 1 2 3 4 HISTORY More...
US Bill Of Rights & Amendments

Constitution Of The United States [text]
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US Pledge Of Allegiance
US Emancipation Proclamation
US Monroe Doctrine
US Federal Jurisdiction Limits
US Gun Laws Invalid Lopez

US Internal Revenue Service - IRS

U.S. Tax Code
Federal Estate Tax: IRS site
Federal IRS Tax Forms
State Specific Tax Forms
Chart Comparing Employee vs: Independent Contractors
Intro To IRS Taxes
IRS 6209 Manual 2010
IRS Master File
IRS Questions
IRS Levy Not A Levy


Magna Carta - Document that inspired and influenced US Law
The Communist Manifesto -
                Marxist Theories giving Government All Rights & Eliminating Personal Freedom
Key Kid - Free Surgery on poor children - Free Websites

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